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Dr. Washington is a Harvard-trained orthodontic specialist and Platinum Invisalign provider

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Meet Dr. Washington

The smile is such an important aspect of who you are as it is one of the very first things that people notice about you. Dr. Bradford Washington understands this clearly and has founded Central Park North Orthodontics to be New York’s premier location for transformative orthodontic care. Helping patients, especially children, achieve a smile that restores their confidence and helps them grow as a person is the most rewarding experience for him and his team. Dr. Washington is proud of the wholesome environment and fun energy that exists throughout Central Park North Orthodontics. Because of this, most children instantly feel at ease, which allows them to get the care they need without the fuss! With orthodontics, Dr. Washington enjoys being a part of each child and patient’s life—watching families grow, evolve, and supporting children and patients on their goals and dreams. He is proud to have helped thousands of children through their first orthodontic experience! And while children's orthodontics are a big part of the practice, Dr. Washington is also highly skilled at helping adults achieve the smile they deserve in a simple and timely manner. As a platinum level provider and largest single doctor provider of Invisalign in Manhattan, patients are able to straighten their smile without bringing attention to it during the process. You are never too old to enjoy the smile of your dreams!

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Early Life and Education

Raised in Warner Robins, GA, Dr. Washington was inspired by his mother and two sisters, who were educators. He was active in sports and involved in his community and school, nominated as “Mr. Northside” at his high school, Northside High School, and graduated top 10 of his class. Following high school, Dr. Washington attended Morehouse College and graduated cum laude. He worked in business and as an 8th grade science teacher. He then attended Harvard School of Dental Medicine and then completed a residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Views on Orthodontics

Dr. Washington founded Central Park North Orthodontics in 2014. Dr. Washington loves watching families and children grow. He most enjoys watching the transformation happen to not only his patient’s smiles, but also their self-confidence. Every day is filled with fun and positive energy.

Outside of the Office

When not in the office, Dr. Washington loves to travel to new places. He enjoys yoga, playing basketball, snowboarding, and golfing. At home, he enjoys gardening and watching his plants grow. Family time is important to Dr. Washington as well. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Sara, and sons, Bradford Jr. & Brooks, along with the rest of his family.

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