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Our 3D Printed, In-House Clear Aligners

Get started faster with our in-house aligner system designed with you in mind.

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Smile More is our in-house clear aligner option, which is a great option for our patients who require shorter treatment (3-6 months) and want clear aligners. This affordable option will cut lab time (get aligners faster), require shorter visits and give patients the flexibility of moving their teeth without braces. Designed for minor treatment for adults who have minor treatment who have some teeth they need to move, tried diy and it didn’t work. Even if you have a complex case, you can get started with Smile More and continue comprehensive treatment at a later date.

No matter your aligner treatment, the doctor directs how your teeth are moved. The difference is in the printing. The Smile More option cuts out the middleman, which will cut on treatment time (on average 25% shorter).

We use Zendura FLX  and other premium aligner materials. It is optimized to combine best-in-class patient comfort with pinpoint-accurate tooth movement.

This is a great option for patients who:

  • Had treatment in the past and have had teeth shifting
  • The Doctor determines you have a minor case
  • Looking to start treatment the same day as their consultation

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